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Arts Council England Projects

2016 Arts Council England funded project and exhibition "Synergy"

This exhibition through workshops and drop in sessions with those not engaged in the arts or creativity.

It also focused on those who have no voice in society and are hidden away we worked with mental health support groups, care homes, those with Alzheimer’s.

Through different mediums each person produced a piece of artwork which were then combined to show how each individual has a voice and when these individual members of societies voices are pulled together we obtain synergy.  Each person also created an artwork of a leaf which was then exhibited as a whole tree to make this point, as well as commissioned artworks by the lead artists on this issue.  This also raised awareness of the issues raised and led to wider arts engagement and its benefits being experienced.

"Creative Caring"
I have just completed a Market Place CPP project which was engaging older adults in good quality arts practice and access to the benefits of creative activities and experiencing the increased well being the arts brings.  We saw increased numbers, concentration, motor skills and social interaction and hunour resulting in a better state of well being for all participants.

"Lost & Found"

2017 Arts Council England funded project and exhibition


Twitter: #LandFLincs

‘Lost and Found’ delivered participatory arts sessions in 4 care homes in South Lincolnshire and celebrate the stories and experiences of older adults in care through a touring exhibition of participants’ and artists’ work. 

The tour will raised awareness of and was shared with the wider community, issues faced by older adults in care homes and help to remove stereotype and stigma.

Touring Exhibition:
Care home participants’ work combined with the lead artists’ studio work to create a thought provoking exhibition in contemporary book form.  The books will toured the 4 care homes and local libraries.  Local primary schools were invited to visit the exhibition to provide the younger generation with positive role models and connections to the past.  At the end of the incolnshire tour, the exhibition will be available on loan to other venues across the UK

Lead artists provided training sessions for care home staff and carers

Profile:  The lead artists, Carol Parker and Ernie Butler, have more than 30 years’ experience of devising and delivering participatory arts engagement and socially engaged practice with all ages and abilities.  The  impact of their artistic work has been monitored and evaluated by funders including: ERDF, EMDA, Legacy UK Trust, Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery.